Accelerating the Green Revolution™

We enable sustainable food systems and improve human wellness by creating high quality food people enjoy.

Innovation for Healthier People and Planet

With next-generation plant propagation and speed breeding technologies, GreenVenus, LLC is improving the quality of food for consumers while reducing food waste and preserving valuable resources.

Our Focus
Specialty crops are at the core of who we are. These crops present immense opportunities for advancement in genetics. In addition, the power of our technology platforms allows us to bring innovation to any specialty crop category and we are excited about the developing pipelines of both lettuce and yellow peas.

Core Crops
Plant-based proteins


New Breeding Technologies

Speed to market with new (non-GMO) varieties with enhanced consumer appeal and marketable yield


Clean Plants

Next-generation, non-GMO propagation technology enables production of high-value, disease-free crops. Every plant matters for sustainable food production.

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Adding Value to Our Partners From Farm to Fork

Our innovations target increasing plant performance, reducing food waste, and improving the consumption of fruits and vegetables with enhanced flavor, nutrition, and convenience.

We work with both public and private sector partners to harness biology and develop new, innovative products that create value across the produce supply chain.

Our team has been working with partners to unlock and create value since 2015. As a separate and independent company, GreenVenus, LLC is focused and dedicated to realizing the potential of higher-value plants.


Leafy Greens

An estimated $3.3 billion worth of lettuce is wasted each year and consumers are dissatisfied with the shelf life and quality of their lettuce. GreenVenus lettuce varieties deliver superior eating quality for consumers AND reduces waste from farm to fork. With both open field and controlled environment partners achieving commercial status, we are inspired to build upon the foundation by delivering an entire pipeline of varieties in record time.

GreenVenus lettuce meets the unmet need with:

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    Superior eating quality

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    Superior visual appeal

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    Less food waste

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    GreenVenus lettuce is non-GMO

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    Approval by the U.S.D.A.

Our Differentiation


Superior Technology Mix

Proprietary platforms that are synergistic and scalable across multiple crop species.


Proprietary IP Portfolio & Process

Technology validated by several partnerships with top players, both ongoing and under development, along with a substantial IP portfolio of patents and trade secrets. 


Steward of Nature

Our technology platforms aim to improve the quality of food while preserving valuable natural ecosystems, decreasing food waste, & improving yields for growers.


World Class Team

Talented team from discovery, development, trials to product launch including plant tissue culture, cell biology, trait discovery, genomics, and production.


Partner Focused

Production strategy to partner with preeminent industry players under a licensing structure, while GV’s in-house will remain technology and R&D focused to further develop and deploy next generation technologies.


Untapped & Growing Markets

Food waste is a global problem and presents an opportunity in fruit & vegetable crops. The demand for quality plant-based food is growing: with expanding food segments include avocado, berries, and tomatoes.



March 1, 2024

GreenVenus establishes a strategic partnership with Plant Research (NZ) LTD, to pioneer the development of novel field pea varieties


August 16, 2023

GreenVenus Gene-Edited Grapes Offer Premium Quality, Sustainable Winemaking


June 17, 2023

Jeff Touchman of GreenVenus explains non-browning avocados on the TALKING BIOTECH podcast


May 22, 2023

Ag-Biotech Innovator GreenVenus Achieves Breakthrough in Non-Browning Avocado Through Gene Editing


May 13, 2022

GreenVenus granted the first gene-edited plant variety certificate of protection (PVP) under the Plant Variety Protection Act


January 12, 2022

GreenVenus, LLC Expands Non-Browning Lettuce Portfolio for Expanded-Season Planting.

Our Team

ST8 (4)

Shiv Tiwari

Chief Executive Officer


Carola Dowd

Senior Director, Research and Operations

Arianne Tremblay

Director, Scientist, Genomic Research and Development
Tom Azevedo 2

Tom Azevedo

Director of Finance, Human Resource Manager

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Come Work With US

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Accelerating the Green Revolution™

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