Accelerating the Green Revolution

With next-generation plant propagation, speed breeding, and technologies for hybridization of crops, GreenVenus is improving the quality of food for consumers while reducing food waste and preserving valuable natural resources.

Innovation for Healthier People and Planet

GreenVenus is focused on accelerating innovation in agriculture with proprietary products and platforms enabling sustainable food production for a growing population.

Our unique platforms include: 


Clean Plants

Next-generation, non-GMO propagation technology enables production of high-value crops. Every plant matters for sustainable food production.


Speed Breeding

Speed to market with new (non-GMO) varieties with enhanced consumer appeal and marketable yield


Novel Hybrids

Technologies that accelerate crop hybridization and  crop productivity

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Adding Value to Our Partners From Farm to Fork

Our innovations target increasing plant performance, reducing food waste, and improve the consumption of fruits and vegetables with enhanced flavor, nutrition, and convenience.

We work with both public and private sector partners to harness biology and develop new, innovative products that create value across the produce supply chain.

Our team has been working with partners to unlock and create value since 2015. As a separate and independent company, GreenVenus is focused and dedicated to realizing the potential of higher-value plants.

Our Platforms

Clean Plants


Non-GMO plant propagation technology that accelerates speed to market with sustainable and scalable production.

Speed Breeding


Non-GMO speed breeding technology that accelerates innovation of tastier and healthier food.

Novel Hybrids


Technology that enables acceleration of crop hybridization and crop productivity with an “on-off” switch.


Leafy Greens

An estimated $3.3 billion worth of lettuce is wasted each year.
Consumers are dissatisfied with poor quality and how long lettuce stays fresh. GreenVenus Lettuce delivers superior eating quality for consumers AND reduces the waste from farm to fork.

GreenVenus Lettuce meets the unmet need with:

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    Superior eating quality

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    Superior visual appeal

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    Less food waste

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    GreenVenus lettuce is non-GMO

Our Differentiation


Superior Technology Mix

Proprietary platforms that are synergistic and scalable across multiple crop species.


Proprietary IP Portfolio & Process

Technology validated by several partnerships with top players, both ongoing and under development, along with a substantial IP portfolio with patents and trade secrets. 


Steward of Nature

Our technology platforms aim to improve the quality of food while preserving valuable natural ecosystems, decreasing food waste, & improving yields for growers.


World Class Team

Talented team from discovery, development, trials to product launch including plant tissue culture, cell biology, trait discovery, genomics, and production.


Partner Focused

Production strategy to partner with preeminent industry players under a licensing structure, while GV’s in-house will remain technology and R&D focused to further develop and deploy next generation technologies.


Untapped & Growing Markets

Food waste is a global problem and presents an opportunity in fruit & vegetable crops. The demand for quality plant-based food is growing: with expanding food segments include avocado, berries, and tomatoes.

Our Team


Founder & CEO

Sekhar Boddupalli

Vision in Action

There is a proverb that says, “Vision without Action is a daydream. Action without Vision is a nightmare”. This is the mantra that we live by at GreenVenus and perhaps our true competitive edge as a “Lean Startup”. It is evident and essential that innovation in agriculture has to be tailored to the increased global awareness about what we eat and its environmental impact. With over 20 years of passion and experience in the food and agriculture space, I believe that there is an enormous opportunity to accelerate breeding and technologies that benefit people and the planet.

Thankful for the shared vision and aligned passion of RJ Kirk, I have had the privilege to build a multifunctional world-class team. At GreenVenus, we have a cumulative over 100 years of experience and knowledge in plant breeding, genomics, cell biology, tissue culture, trait discovery, and product development along with a passionate business team. It is amazing to reflect and see how far we have come along in the execution of our vision with products, platforms, partners, and people. What could have been possible through classical breeding in decades, we were able to accomplish in less than two years as demonstrated by our GreenVenus romaine lettuce with enhanced consumer appeal while reducing food waste. I am proud of the team that lives our competitive advantage of “Vision in Action” along with “Fast and Focused” to make a difference for the people and planet.

-Sekhar Boddupalli, CEO & Founder


Candace Wilson

Business Development Lead

Jeff Mills

Breeding Lead

Jeff Touchman

Genomics Lead

Jintai Huang

Trait Development Lead

Walter Viss

Production Lead

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Davis, CA, USA

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Human Resource Manger

Davis, CA, USA

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Accelerating the Green Revolution™

Every Plant Matters

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